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Other Events

Rambles / dog walks

No firm details yet, but we're looking to organise some short (5 miles maximum) walks in the spring/summer. Please contact us if you would like to be kept informed

Coates Open Gardens - Summer 2017

It has been 4 or 5 years since we last did an open gardens, and we would really like to do another one But we cannot do it without YOUR help!

If you want a chance to show off all of the work you have put into your garden throughout the year!

We have organised Open Gardens in the past and it has always been a great success. But we need volunteers to open their garden to the public for a day. In the past we have had a range of gardens from large gardens with several different themed areas to a small front garden with just roses that was less than six foot square. And visitors were equally impressed with them all!

We organise a map and signs for the day, all we ask you to do is make your garden available for people to look around, and if you don't mind, be there to show people around and talk about your garden.

We have not fixed a date yet, but it will be a Sunday, probably in June or July. If you live in Coates and would like to register an interest in opening your garden or have a question, please see the friends main page for contact details.